Global Offer Control – New for 2018
    25th February, 2018
    by bradmin

    We’ve got an exciting new feature for Solo Ad Sellers that we’ve just released. We realize that many traffic sellers generate traffic from many different places and many different lists. When you’re fulfilling a traffic order you could insert the offer into many different links, but how do you control the number of clicks being sent? If the offer exists in many different links it would be nearly impossible to keep up with let alone automate – until now! We’ve just released our “Global Click” feature for all offers added to the Build Redirects platform. This means you can set the “click limit” and other offer level settings in a single place, then add the offer to as many links as you’d like. If you’ve turned on “Global Settings” then the offer will be managed by those settings no matter how many links it is getting traffic from in your account. If you’ve set it to say 100 clicks it will know once that offer has received 100 clicks in TOTAL from any and all links you’ve placed it in and will subsequently turn that offer off in all links once the maximum clicks to deliver is reached. This is a great way for solo ad sellers to easily manage delivering traffic from many links!