Retargeting Pixels – Add Them To Your Links!
    14th September, 2015
    by bradmin

    Yep this is a pretty epic feature we just added to our platform and we believe it’s a game changer for our users. Retargeting is a huge part of most businesses marketing campaign so why shouldn’t it be a part of yours? It simply allows you to “re expose” your current audience to your ads all over the Internet.

    We’ve taken this to the next level by allowing you to add your retargeting pixels from Facebook, Perfect Audience or anywhere else right to your links! Now every time someone “clicks” on your links they will be added to your retargeting audiences in real time. You can now build massive retargeting campaigns straight from the people who are clicking your links.

    We’ve also given you the ability to place an unlimited amount of retargeting pixels on each link!