Look At What We Can Do...

Create Redirect Links

Create a simple redirect link to shorten and brand your marketing links. With our system this takes only seconds!

Create Link Funnels

Quickly create link funnels! Add your offers in and our system will do the rest. We’ll redirect them to the right place of course at the right time!

Error 404 Detection & Alerts

Have you ever lost money because an offer you’re promoting goes down? Not anymore! Our system will detect any “dead pages” and quickly alert you, optionally you can set a backup offer which we will immediately send your traffic to.

Set Retargeting Pixels

Retargeting is key! You can now set retargeting pixels on any of the links you build. Now you can retarget ads to all your clickers automatically!

Intelligent Conversion or EPC Optimization

Our system is SMART which lets us help you get the results you desire. You can chose to have us optimize your links based on conversion rate or EPC. You turn it on and we’ll make sure your traffic is going to the offers that make you the most money!

Affiliate Pixel Tracking

You can easily set affiliate pixels for each of your offers which allows us to track all your conversions. We can give you detailed stats, a list of your clickers and even a list of the people who converted to your offers!

Real Time Analytics

When you’re a marketer analytics matter most! We know that so we created real time customizable analytics and reports. You can create as many reports as you like, save them and access them at any time.

Split Testing & Conversion Tracking

With our system you can quickly setup a link to split test 2, 3, 4 or as many offers as you please. You can define what percentage of your traffic goes to each offer and how you want the system to optimize your traffic.

Conversion tracking is made super simple by placing an affiliate pixel. This lets us track your conversions and offer you the ability to optimize your links based on what’s making you the most money. You sit back and watch us increase your ROI automatically!

Mobile Browser Redirection

We can detect when users visit your links on a mobile device and optionally send them to a different offer or page based on your settings. We help you monetize your mobile traffic so you get the highest possible ROI.

More Features Than You can Imagine!

Increase Your ROI & Optimize Every Single Click!

IP Redirection

Tired of wasting clicks? If someone’s already seen your offer a few times it might be best to show them something different. When you create Link Funnels you can define settings telling us to only let the same person see your offer a certain amount of times, after which we will send them to the second offer in your funnel.

Additionally if you are using conversion tracking we can make sure someone who’s already converted to an offer doesn’t see it again! We help you monetize your clicks in a way nobody else does.

Create Variables & Tags

Need to pass certain variables through your links for tracking purposes? We can do it! You can even set “default variables” for your offers and links to make managing your traffic even easier.

We’ve also built a state of the art “tagging” system to allow you to organize your links and offers in the way that makes sense to YOU. It’s 100% customizable because after all it’s all about making it easy for you to manage.

Cloak Your Links

Don’t want people to see those ugly affiliate URL’s? No problem! You can turn on our link cloaking feature and we’ll make sure they get to the right place, but never see anything but your shortened BuildRedirects generated URL.

Password Protection

Have some content you want only certain people to see? Need to deliver something to your “buyers”? Turn on the password protection option for any of your links and you’re all set! We’ll lock down the redirect for you until users enter the password you set!

Ordered or Split Test Links

With BuildRedirects you have options and honestly isn’t that how it should be? You can’t fit marketing into a square box, at least not successful marketing. We give you the option to create “Split Test” links which allow you to split your traffic by giving each offer in the link a certain percentage of the traffic.

We also allow you to create “Link Funnels” which allow for far more customization. Add as many offers as you like to your link funnel and then define how many clicks each one gets, in what order, what to do with duplicate clickers and more. Link Funnels are extremely easy to setup and serve as a way for you to manage all your traffic very easily.

Geo Targeting

We allow you to restrict certain offers to only be seen by people in certain countries. Our settings give you complete flexibility over your traffic! You can block certain countries, or only allow traffic from certain countries. You can optionally redirect unwanted traffic to a different offer you set in your link.

Optimize Bars

Our Optimize Bars allow you to add a real time notification bar to any website you’re promoting through a link you create in our system. It can include anything you want such as opt-in forms, countdown timers, images, video and more!

The Optimize Bars can help build your list, create urgency and ultimate create more conversions. We allow you to customize these in as many was as you can imagine.

Optimize Popups

If you want to truly optimizing your marketing and increase your sales our Optimize Popups are second to none on the market.

These simple popups can create urgency, engagement, build your email list and increase your sales by huge percentages.

You can add these to any link you create and you’ll be able to trigger popups to your clickers on any website they visit.

Branded Domains

All of our members get access to our “core” redirect link extensions, but what if you want to customize your link and domain name? NO PROBLEM you can do this without even having your own hosting account. Feel free to add as many custom domains as you like to our system and then create your Link Funnels or Split Test links using them.

No Hosting Required

The best part about BuildRedirects? You don’t need hosting! Even if you are using a customized domain name (or a few) we still host everything for you so we can guarantee your links are always working and save you some money too!

No Coding Needed

Nobody wants to use something that’s complicated. We built our system so that its very advanced behind the scenes, but from a users standpoint its’ super simple. Everything is wizard based walking you through each step to make sure you get the exact results you’re looking for with your links. No coding is ever necessary!